27 Annual Drovers Reunion

29th & 30th April – Public welcome to attend from 12 noon Saturday 29th onward

2017 marks the 27 anniversary of the Drovers Reunion. The weekend is sure to be a weekend of hilarious games, good old fashion story telling, and iconic Australian history.

A vanishing breed of Australian bushmen and women gather at the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame, Longreach for the annual ‘Drovers Reunion.

Each year outback workers, drovers, stockmen and women come together to honour the Drovers of days gone by.

Sitting around the campfire they tell yarns and remember those who lived lonely in the saddle moving stock through the Australian Outback.

Some of the older drovers, now in their 80s and 90s, were travelling the same stock routes in the same way as generations of horsemen before them.

For months at a time they pushed huge mobs from The Channel Country in Queensland to Cobar in South Australia, grazing the ‘Long Paddock’.

Their shelter was a stockman’s hat, bed a saddle on the ground, their seat was the saddle, food was salt beef, damper and tea.

‘Boss Drover’ and organiser of the reunion, 83-year-old Hank Cosgrove, says their get-together included a few Outback Games, but nothing too strenuous.
“We’ll see how well they can still crack a whip, make a damper and boil a billy; and chucking a boot at the drover’s dog — a pretend one of course — is a favourite.”

Sadly the number of drovers attending the reunion has been dwindling over the past 26 years, and this may be one of the last opportunities to meet some of the true legends of the bush.





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